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Waterbed Frames

Waterbed frames come in as many styles as there are tastes in furniture.  Gone are the days when every waterbed frame was a heavy wooden platform with a basic bookshelf headboard that dominated the bedroom.  Today you can find styles, colors and materials of waterbed frames to match any décor.  You can also find waterbed frames that mimic more traditional style furniture, including sleigh beds and four-poster beds for your soft-side waterbed mattress.  With these, no one will even know that your bed isn’t a traditional foam or innerspring mattress.

Choosing waterbed frames depends on the type of waterbed you have and what style appeals to you.  Waterbed frames that are pedestal or platform style for traditional waterbed mattresses can have a plain base or a pedestal base that contains drawers to give you extra storage.  (And who couldn’t use a bit of extra storage?).  Many of these also have a headboard that contains bookshelves.  Today’s styles, however, come in such a variety – pine, oak, cherry, exotic woods and laminates. 

There are also waterbed frames that have the platform base but a headboard that mimics a traditional bed, perhaps with a flat surface or curved posts.  These are lovely if you want to put a new waterbed into a room that already has other furniture that is more traditional. 

Finally, there are metal waterbed frames that you can use to support a soft-side waterbed.  These don’t have a pedestal or platform but can support the weight of the mattress.  They offer versatility because you can use any style of headboard and footboard you like.  Take a look at several styles of waterbed frames before buying to make sure you find just the right style for your bedroom retreat.